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security solutions

Security Solutions. Made Simple.

At BlazeGuard, ‘cyber simplicity’ is our mantra.


Most organisations have come to the realisation that a healthy investment in defining a strong cyber security strategy is no longer a back-burner activity. Instead, it’s now considered to be a fundamental cornerstone for all businesses, big or small, with a long-term survival plan in mind.


The topic of cyber security tends to be met with a level of apprehension by most organisations. In addition, it’s often coupled with the inclination to prematurely shy away from exploring security solutions. We appreciate that defining an effective cyber security strategy can be a complicated and somewhat tedious task. Our aim is to help simplify that process for you.


Our consultants are design thinkers with years of experience in IT, cyber and business. We do our homework and make sure we understand your business goals before working with you to set technology goals.


Our specialty is custom-made security solutions tailored to how you work, sell, and grow. We pride ourselves on our ability to execute with absolute precision and without vendor prejudice – a rare practice within the industry. If you have a preferred security vendor then we’ll ensure to maintain a strong partnership with them, providing they demonstrate the level of competency that your business relies on.


Cybercrime is a major problem. Let us help empower your organisation by removing the complex barriers of cyber security for you. Furthermore, we will strive in helping you define the most effective cyber strategy that’s inclusive of people and holistically aligned to your business goals.


Entrust in BlazeGuard; Your Partner in Cyber Security.

security solutions

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