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Whether your business is in need of a security health check, are planning your next hi-tech cyber project, or, are ready to skill your team up on the fundamentals of staying cyber secure, speak to our team of cybersecurity experts and we’ll tailor a solution to help you achieve your goals.

Solution Design and Implementation
Cyber Education and Training
Security Health Check
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Solution Design and Implementation

Security systems and tools are only as effective as the quality of their configurations. Poorly implemented systems and architecture can lead to network blind spots, prematurely exposing weak entry points to outsider threats and hackers.


BlazeGuard’s team of highly experienced, vendor-certified solution architects, can assist your business with the design and implementation of some of the best and most advanced technology solutions, whether they be in the cloud or on-premise, fit to safeguard your most valuable digital assets.


Our team specialises in:

        • Cloud security best practices
        • Architecture review
        • Solution design and deployment
        • Advanced configurations
        • Security health checks


Are you looking to implement a new cyber solution anytime soon? Talk to a BlazeGuard expert about your next project and secure your peace of mind.

Cyber Education and Training

Minimise your risk of compromise by up-skilling your team with the fundamentals they need to be Cyber Smart.


Over 90% of the world’s cyber attacks begin with a carefully crafted email, designed to lure unsuspecting users into opening malicious links or attachments. In most cases, this simple, and for the most part, innocent action ends up leaving the backdoor open for cyber criminals to come and go as they please.


Despite the critical level of importance surrounding the topic of cybersecurity and the now-healthy budgets being allocated for expenditure, organisations aren’t investing enough into securing their most vulnerable access points – their people.


Security Fundamentals is an interactive training session run by BlazeGuard’s security experts. It is designed to filter out the jargon and keep the topic simple enough for the most novice of folk to understand.


Without people, your organisation wouldn’t exist. And yet, it’s the human element that tends to be the weakest link and the most vulnerable entry point for hackers targeting your business.


How weak is your weakest link?

Security Health Check

The state of your cybersecurity posture should be considered as the most important element of your business.


Having a clear understanding of the things that you’re doing well, and those that require improvement is critical to ensuring that hidden risks are mitigated before they become major issues, while bolstering the posture of your cyber defences.


This is where the small yet invaluable investment of a security health check can make all the difference.


BlazeGuard’s approach to conducting a security health check involves a combination of expert consultancy, coupled with powerful AI technology. This is to ensure we correlate the established data points and assess your organisation’s overall security posture and resilience towards a cyber attack.


Our methodology is closely aligned to the ASD Essential Eight and top 35 mitigation strategies so that only the most relevant checks are performed to ensure that your organisation, its people, and its data, is well-protected from cyber threats.


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Secure Project Management

Avoid exposing your business during your next IT project with an experienced, cybersecurity skilled Project Manager.


Effective project management is essential. But without the proper cybersecurity knowledge, an IT project could easily expose your business to the threat of an attack.


Projects are constantly in motion across our organisations. And more often than not, the most valuable component of delivery is the integrity and security of our data. Sadly, this component is often undervalued or overlooked by the traditional project management process.


As such, a cyber-risk management approach to delivery is integral to ensuring that security best practices are applied during the scope of delivery. Doing so helps minimise the risk of system exposure, avoiding costly repairs, potential data loss, or worse.


Speak to us about your next IT project and take comfort in knowing that we have your project management requirements ‘securely’ covered.