Governance, Risk and Compliance

Specialised consulting to help your business achieve its GRC goals

Strict laws and regulations now require that all Australian organisations take the security of their data and digital assets seriously. A weakness in your cybersecurity posture can often lead to damage beyond the obvious should the event of a cyber intrusion occur. Organisations not only face the threat of leaking critical information and data, but also invite the possibility of a loss in profitability, irreparable brand damage, and penalties from regulatory bodies.


Whether your organisation has a requirement to satisfy Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) mandates including PCI-DSS, ISO, ASD-ISM, HIPAA, NDB or GDPR, a clear understanding of your cyber-risk profile is crucial to maintaining sustainable operational continuity, and to achieving your organisation’s governance, risk and compliance goals.


BlazeGuard’s highly trained consultants are equipped to provide your business with the necessary guidance that it needs to confidently navigate the topic of GRC and to make the most informed decisions when it comes to defining, validating or improving your cybersecurity strategy.

governance risk and compliance

Our process involves 3 phases:

A complete review and assessment of your business through the eyes of a compliance auditor.


During this phase, BlazeGuard will analyse and map your intended scope, policies, procedures, and controls, identifying any gaps in conformity to your proposed GRC requirements. This may involve prescriptive alignment to control-driven compliance standards such as PCI-DSS, or a risk-based approach to discovery and planning for standards such as ISO 27001.


The results are compiled into a gap analysis report, prioritising and providing clarity on the deficiencies that will need to be addressed in the remediation phase, before the business is ready to achieve compliance.

In this phase, we review the gaps identified during the discovery process and work with key stakeholders within your business to help clearly define and develop a remediation plan.


The objective is to workflow the order of priorities and rectify the immediately addressable issues, while developing a plan to mitigate those slightly more complex in nature, through a collaborative approach to gap analysis, solution design, and implementation – ensuring maximum efficacy in execution and results.


In short, successful delivery of the remediation phase will see your business achieve its compliance goals and, furthermore, prepare it for the final phase of compliance certification (should it be applicable).

Not all organisations that undergo a compliance project will need to become certified, however, some industries require that formal certification be achieved in a specific standard.


In cases where our clients aim to become formally certified within a standard such as ISO/IEC 27001, BlazeGuard will appoint a 3rd party Accredited Certification Body (CB) to conduct the complete certification process.

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